Everything you need to know about Jennie Kim 2023

Everything you need to know about Jennie Kim 2023. Jennie Kim also known as “Jennie” is a South Korean Singer and Rapper. Jennie is born and raised in South Korea and she studied in New Zealand for five years Before moving back to South Korea in 2010. Jennie can speak fluent English, Korean and Japanese. In August 2016 Jennie made her debut as a member of a girl group Blackpink.

Early Life of Jennie Kim

Jennie was born in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, South Korea on January 16, 1996. Jennie attended Elementary School in Seoul before moving to New Zealand.

When Jennie was in New Zealand she first heard of K-pop. Jennie specifically liked YG Entertainment Music. Her family wanted her to move to Florida for studies to become a lawyer or teacher.  Jennie didn’t like the idea of not finding the work she like while living alone. Her family supported her decision, and she moved back to South Korea in 2010. The same year she auditioned for YG Entertainment with Rihanna’s ” Take a Bow” song. She was initially a vocalist but YG thought she can really embrace in the role of a rapper as most songs she covered included raps. She was the only trainee fluent in English along with Korean. Jennie can also speak Japanese.


On June 1, 2016 Jennie was the first member to be revealed for YG Entertainment’s new girl group Blackpink. Jennie debuted as a Blackpink member on August 8, 2016 alongside Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé.

In October 2018 official announcement on Jennie’s official solo debut was made with a series of promotional posters. It was revealed that she would release a single album named Solo with a lead single of the same name.

Upon release, “Solo” debuted on Gaon Music Chart at number one and achieved a triple crown for simultaneously topping the domestic digital, download, and streaming charts. Solo” was certified platinum for streaming by the KMCA and soon won the Song of the Year award for the month of November at the eighth Gaon Chart Music Awards, as well as the Digital Bonsang award at the 34th Golden Disc Awards. Overseas, “Solo” topped the Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart. It was also featured in the New York Times playlist.

In 2022, it was announced Jennie would be making her acting debut under the stage name Jennie Ruby Jane in the HBO television series The Idol.

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Fun Facts about Jennie Kim

  • Jennie can speak in three different languages Korean, English and Japanese.
  • Jennie doesn’t have any siblings
  • Jennie is a big fan of Rihanna
  • She is close friends with Nayeon (Twice) and Irene (Red Velvet).

Everything you need to know about Jennie Kim 2023 Conclusion

Jennie Kim is a talented and accomplished artist who has made a significant impact in the K-pop industry. With her ongoing success and undeniable talent, it’s clear that Jennie Kim has a bright future ahead of her in the entertainment industry.

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