How to add captions to your video

How to add captions to your video. captions could have a lot of impact on a video. If your looking forward to making YouTube shorts or Instagram reels captions are really important. Most of the people go through shorts and reels with sound turned off that is why captions are a must in order to get viewers attention.

Why Captions are important:

caption could help you get more views and watch hours as people tend to be more interested in watching videos with caption. Some studies have also proved that adding subtitles to your video helps in generating more SEO.

captions make videos searchable. When captions are added to a video, the text is indexed by search engines, making it easier for people to find the video when they search for specific keywords.

captions can enhance the overall user experience by providing additional context and information about the video content. They can also make the video more engaging and easier to follow.

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How to add Captions to your video in a simple way:

1. Add Subtitles with

– First Go to the official website (Click here to directly go on the subtitles and transcription tool)

– After going through the link you will get a option “choose file” select this option and upload the file you want subtitles for.

– After the uploading is done the tool will start generating automatic subtitles for your video.

– When Subtitles are generated for your video you can also edit them if there is any error. As it is automatically generated it might need a little corrections if there is any mistake in the subtitles.

Add Captions with Instagram:

– Open the Instagram app and go to the section where you upload story/reels.

– Once there select the video from your gallery.

– After the video is uploaded go to stickers and select “Captions”.

– After selecting this option it will start generating captions for your video.

– The captions are generated automatically so if there is any mistake you can edit the text by double tapping on the generated captions.

– Once done Download your video by selecting the “download” option from the upper right corner.

So there you have it easy ways to add Captions to your videos to make them more accessible and entertaining.

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